Andrew Kirya

Andrea CharaAndrew Kirya Geoffrey is married to Joyce Carthy Namwase Kirya. Both are serving the Lord. They have an extensive ministry experience both in Uganda and overseas.

Andrew served as a missionary in United Kingdom (London). They have both been to Singapore and Colombia in South America for ministry exposure. They have 2 children, Andrea Chara and Josiah Berak.

Andrew has served the Lord for over sixteen years. He is a pastor, teacher, Author, musician, worship leader and song writer.

He is the founder of Zion International Christian ministries, a ministry with a vision to equip the body of Christ for global missions. His music ministry has seen him compose and write several songs.

Andrea Chara , Josiah Berak, Joyce Carthy Namwase, and Andrew Kirya. His 8 song album "Mwidhe mwena mwena" is the first Lusoga Christian contemporary music album ever in Uganda. The song 'Ekibi' (sin) on this album won him a Victoria Gospel award (viga) in Uganda as the Best Eastern artiste of the year 2007.

His music ministry vision is to equip the body of Christ in the area of music as a worshiping group of believers committed to evangelism. Through Zion school of music ministry many churches of different denominations are being equipped and blessed.







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