Abigail M. Maingi


Abigail M. MaingiAbigail M. Maingi is a first born of two sisters in a family of four from Thika, a town 20 miles from Nairobi, Kenya. Her parents and younger sister Mary Maingi live in Thika while she is currently in Norway for ministry and further studies in theology in order to better her music ministry in praise and worship. In Thika, she attends the Destiny Worship Centre.

Abigail (Abby) started music as a recording artist in 2005 with her first album, UPENDO. She ministered with this album in high schools, churches, crusades, music extravaganzas and other Christian gatherings. The music also picked up well in the local Kenyan radio stations; something that she calls "the Lord’s doing".

In 2006, Abby felt in her spirit to do another recording. This turned out to be a difficult task to accomplish because her prayer was that she might write that which was from the Lord; and that the songs would change the lives of people and bring restoration and healing into their lives.

Abby did not realize that what she had asked for was hard work. That year became the most challenging in her life.

To start with, she had just stopped working and, therefore, had no financial base to support the ministry. In the face of it all, she decided to get in to fulltime ministry and depend wholly on the Lord. "It was very difficult but the Lord was with me" she says, then adds,“I had to depend upon the Lord for food, clothing and a bed to lay my head.”

In spite of the hardships, Abby says that she cannot complain because the Lord was faithful. She can remember the times when she would leave the house without enough bus fare but the Lord performed miracles for her. Finally, her album project came to a successful end and the Lord opened doors for her to minister in schools, churches, the media and other strategic avenues.

Abby remembers vividly how her singing journey started when she was a little girl. In the kitchen, while her mother cooked, they would sing songs from the Golden Bells hymn book. She also sung many times together with her mother and younger sister. While they lived in the outskirts of Thika, they attended a church of only a few people and she was often requested to sing. She thanks God for that small church because He used it as her training ground for greater things later in life.

While in high school, Abby participated in traditional and cultural music festivals that are held in Kenya every year. This also prepared her for her stage performances. In her third year in high school, she started leading praise and worship in the Christian Union’s fellowship meetings. This was a great blessing for her because it gave her skills in how to lead praise and worship sessions.

When she was done with high school, Abby got more involved in her mother church, Liberty Celebration Centre as a praise and worship leader. In 2004, she moved to Destiny Worship Centre where her music ministry was natured and strengthened. Abby submitted her ministry under the able leadership of Bishop Titus Mbai whom she calls her spiritual father.

“My ministry is doing well in the Lord," says Abby. “Here is nothing more to say apart from humbling myself to the Lord and asking Him that He may make me His instrument, Amen.”

Abby is deeply grateful to her parents who brought her into this world and gave her all she needed. She says to her parents, “I don’t have words to express my thankfulness and what I feel in my heart for you but, please, do accept my gratitude.”

She thanks the Lord for all the schools that invited her to minister. These include Thika High school, Makuyu Girls High School, Kijabe Boys High School and Kijabe Girls High School, Chania High School, Gatamaiyu Boys High School. “Thanks to you all the Christian Union patrons, may the Lord richly reward you for your good work”, says Abby then concludes, “Last but not least, I would like to say ‘Asante sana’ to Bishop Titus Mbai, my spiritual father, you have been there for me to guide me spiritually and morally. You told me and always tells me the truth no matter how hurting. Thank you and may the Lord expand your boundaries dad. Amen.”

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